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Do I need a credit card to sign up?
No, you don’t need it. When you register, you get a 14-day trial period during which you can use the account absolutely free and without adding your card details.
What is the difference in the pricing plans?
In GetCourse plans differ by a number of active users only! All the features of the platform are included in all the plans: white label no-code website builder, webinars, email marketing, LMS, process automaton, CRM, 3rd party integrations, mobile app and so much more. Unlike other platforms, you keep all your data and run both sales and content activities under one roof. We don’t restrict our users in terms of the platform’s functionality at a starter plan as we believe the more sales tools we provide to new users, the faster they grow and upgrade.
Who are active users?
Only those users who have been authorized in your account as students, teachers and/or admins are considered active. In other words, we consider active once your users: registered to your course/webinar on a landing page or widget entered GetCourse as authorized users entered the course’s link in any email or messenger “Active” status does not change with time. This user will be counted in your plan even if he/she is no longer buying your content.
What happens if I exceed the limit of active users in my account?
Going beyond limits can happen at any time during your paid subscription period. Once it happens, the account continues to work for 7 days. Within this week you will be required to upgrade the plan in order to deliver content to your students. Otherwise the account is at risk to be terminated.
What plan should I start with?
In GetCourse we provide all the features of the platform at any plan by default, we only charge for active users. That is why we recommend you start from the “starter” plan where you get 1000 active users. As soon as you grow, you can always upgrade the plan.
Can I terminate my account at any time?
Definitely! If you decide to stop using GetCourse, you will have to cancel your subscription. Your account will then be available only within your current subscription period. It will be automatically terminated after without any cancellation fees whatsoever.
Can I get the refund once I cancel my subscription?
We offer a 14-day FREE trial to let you get familiar with the platform! If you decide to proceed with a paid plan, keep in mind that we don’t do any refund. You can use your account until your paid subscription expires.
What payment gateways are supported by GetCourse?
We support all major local and international payment gateways like PayUMoney, Razorpay, Paytm, as well as Stripe and PayPal. We are constantly adding new payment options. If you need any specific payment gateway, feel free to drop us an email:, we will try to figure it out for you.
How do I receive payments?
To get paid, you will need to link one of the available payment gateways to your account on GetCourse. All the information about payments will be safely stored in your CRM and you will be able to provide your services to students automatically.
Does GetCourse charge any commission?
In GetCourse we don’t charge users any commission for their sales. You have your own relationships with the payment providers linked to your account. They charge you according to their tariffs, not us!
Can GetCourse help me to sell my course?
In GetCourse we offer all the tools required to create, market and sell your courses, however we don’t sell our users’ courses. If you wish to learn how to promote and drive your business, we suggest you should take our program in GetAcademy specifically designed to help you launch your course and make money on it. Take a look:
Can I link the custom domain?
Yes, you can link your own domain even within a 14-day free trial period. You can either link your second level domain (ex., or third level domain (ex. Read the instructions here.
How is my content on GetCourse protected from download and being copied?
GetCourse protects your content: users cannot download your videos by default only if otherwise is allowed by you in settings. You can also add unique watermarks to your videos for every student, so you can pinpoint the student who is trying to copy your content.
How much storage do I get on GetCourse?
We give each account from 20 Gb to 3000 Gb of file storage for free depending on the chosen tariff. To check the available and used amount of space in the file storage, you need to go to Profile -> Account settings -> Account tab -> File storage. You can always manage and buy additional space. Please note that protected videos are double in size because protection requires the same storage as the file itself. So plan your space accordingly.
Is there a Mobile App for students?
Yes, there is a Mobile App available on Apple Store, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery. Your GetCourse account is synchronized with the app as soon as you download it and add in your account settings. GetCourse App enables your students to take the course and chat with the teacher straight there.
Can I have a branded Mobile App?
Yes, you can customize your Mobile App upon request to
How many courses can I add in my account?
You can add an unlimited number of courses. The only limit is your storage space based on the tariff you use. However, you can always buy extra space if you exceed it.
Can I have a While Label on my account?
Your account is white-labeled in any plan by default.